Strategic Supremacy

Strategic Supremacy: How Industry Leaders Create Growth, Wealth, and Power Through Spheres of Influence

Are upstart competitors taking deadly aim at your company's products and markets? The author of Hypercompetition presents counter-revolutionary strategies and tactics that any industry leader or established company can use to defend itself against revolutionaries or disrupters. The secret lies in making the rules, not breaking them, because rule makers still rule. Arguing that "profits and prosperity come not from revolution but stability and orderly change," the book presents a commanding framework that will enable any resource-rich or clever defender to gain strategic supremacy by being first to define the playing field.

The book demonstrates how global powerhouses such as Disney, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble have achieved preeminence by reconceptualizing their product portfolios as powerful competitive arsenals he calls "spheres of influence." Essentially a new way to compete by restructuring portfolios around a core geographic/product market, spheres enable any company to influence the behavior and positioning of rivals.

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"A powerful competitive tool with an imaginative and compelling strategic approach."
Robert Hormats, former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs International