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Richard D’Aveni has been a keynote speaker at the Conference Board’s CEO Forum, the World Economic Forum, the Young Presidents' Organization, the CIO Forum, the Consumer Electronics Show, and the Yale CEO Forum. He sets the tone and energizes the large audiences at major events. He is particularly effective at creating a sense of urgency for an organization uncertain about its future.

He also speaks to groups of ten to fifty participants, where he can engage in back-and-forth discussions. His unique perspective is built on decades of research and reflection on what companies need to thrive into the future.

His most popular topics are:

Competitive Dynamics

With industry boundaries collapsing and companies facing threats from every direction, executives can’t afford to be passive – they need to build up their position in the marketplace. D’Aveni’s keynotes provide nitty-gritty insights on potential strategies. He talks about using aggressive market disruption and judo techniques to win against competitors; temporary competitive advantages to re-invent your strategy; counter-revolutionary strategies to buy time against those who have seized the initiative; and joining ecosystems to thrive in the future world of group-based competition.

Additive Manufacturing

The digital revolution is coming to manufacturing, where it will be just as transformative as it has been in information services. Richard D’Aveni can speak on 3D printing and other additive technologies that will change not just the factory floor but also supply chains, R&D, and even marketing. Emerging pan-industrial giants will remake the strategic landscape. The rules of competitive strategy are changing once again.

"De-emphasize your reliance on the traditional static thinking of Harvard professor and competitive guru Michael Porter. Adopt more of the dynamic thinking of Dartmouth professor, Richard D'Aveni.”

Marketing News


Richard D’Aveni has worked with international corporations, organizations, and governments around the world as a trusted advisor. When times get tough, they bring in D’Aveni to shake things up. When times are good, they bring him in to prevent complacency. His clients respect him as a straight shooter and honest referee.

He consults on a variety of issues, from competitive dynamics to digital manufacturing and 3D printing. His broad-ranging advice covers policy and strategy, with an emphasis on innovation and competitiveness. He focuses on the dynamics of competition in rapidly-changing environments.

He is an importer and exporter of ideas across industries and fields, including technology, military, international relations, sports, and the school of hard knocks. He generally contracts with clients for multi-year retainers to work at the highest levels of the organization.

Overcoming Challenges

Besides these tools, he works with clients on a range of specific executive challenges:

  • Vision Setting
  • New Product Development Process Assessment
  • Sounding Board for Senior Executives: Devil’s Advocate, Private Brainstorming
  • Management Services/Surrogate CEO
  • Managing Digital Disruption in Manufacturing

D’Aveni is a battlefield general in a world dominated by Ivy League theorists: strategy’s answer to Realpolitik.

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