Fortune Magazine likened D’Aveni to the ancient master of strategic arts, Sun Tzu, as he advises executives either to be revolutionaries, and or to create order out of the chaos that revolutionaries cause. He also advises government, militaries, and other organizations on how to compete effectively. His current focus is on how 3D printing will change strategies, firms, markets, and even geopolitics. His ground-breaking new book, The Pan-Industrial Revolution: How New Manufacturing Titans Will Transform the World, explains the strategic implications of recent advances in additive manufacturing.

Richard A. D'Aveni is the Bakala Professor of Strategy at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business. He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, as well as a law degree and MBA.

D’Aveni is the Kissinger of corporate strategy.

Adrian Slywotzky, author of The Profit Zone

He is considered one of the premier competitive strategists of his time. His research looks for the winning competitive strategies used by corporations, governments, militaries, and sports teams in conflict. He seeks the fundamental principles of the application of power that transcends time, space, type of rival, and arena of competition. He is the ultimate importer and exporter of strategic ideas across industries, countries, time, and type of competition. Thinkers50, the international assessment of management ideas, gave him its 2017 Strategy Award, and nominated him for the 2019 Breakthrough Ideas Award. It ranks him at #7 among management thinkers as of 2019.

Since 1988, he has led the way in adapting strategic thinking to our increasingly dynamic economy. Besides teaching MBA students, he consults with major corporations and privately-held enterprises. He writes regularly for Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and is a frequent commentator on strategic and technological developments.