Richard A. D'Aveni, Professor of Strategic Management

Course Synopses

Courses taught by Professor D'Aveni

Advanced Competitive Strategy

This course is intended for students who wish to be exposed to the strategic perspectives developed in three books written by Professor D'Aveni: Beating the Commodity Trap, Strategic Supremacy and Hypercompetition. The underlying thesis of these books is based on the vast strategy literature that exists regarding international relations and military science.

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Global Strategy & Implementation

Multinational corporations account for about half the productive wealth in the industrialized world. Their importance in the U.S. economy is no less significant: close to three-quarters of the sales revenues of all U.S. corporations are accounted for by U.S. multinationals, and further, about a third of the sales revenues of these U.S. multinationals comes out of their production abroad.

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Strategic Vision: Challenges of Today's CEOs

This mini course helps students to develop and analyze the grand strategy of a corporation: vision, mission, objectives, advantage, priority, business model, and supporting policies. Heavily based on CEO speakers, the course provides numerous examples of grand strategies and how CEOs developed those strategies. The course emphasizes how many theories taught in business schools can be used to develop elements of a grand strategy, and how to integrate all the elements of grand strategy into a cohesive whole. The course also teaches many ex-ante ways to assess the future success of the grand strategy of the firm.