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Coping with Hypercompetition: Utilizing the New 7S’s Framework

Coping with Hypercompetition: Utilizing the New 7S’s Framework

In the old days in science, the universe was fairly simple. Nearly every science museum had a huge, old model of the solar system in which all the movements of the planets were controlled with clockwork gears. Then we realized that reality was much more complex. All motion was relative.

Business has also entered an age of new realities. It is essential to understand and take advantage of the dynamic motion and flux of our global markets and technological breakthroughs. Moreover, a fundamental shift in thinking is necessary for coping with these changes. While companies have struggled to try to sustain their advantages, in fact, no organization can build a competitive advantage that is sustainable. Every advantage erodes. So in this hypercompetitive environment, companies must actively work of disrupt their own advantages and the advantages of competitors. To cope with this new reality, managers must employ a new 7S's framework that can be used to analyze industries and competitors and to identify one's own strengths and weaknesses in meeting the challenges of hypercompetition.

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