Richard A. D'Aveni, Professor of Strategic Management

Selected Press Clippings

Professor D'Aveni has been written about or quoted in many articles. Click on the following links to read a few selected articles.

America’s China Problem: Two Must-See Videos for the Candidates, by Eamonn Fingleton, Oct. 22, 2012

Slower, Yet Promising Beijing Review, by Zhou Xiaoyan, Oct. 25, 2012

It’s Not Currency That’s Sapping U.S. Confidence in China Bloomberg Business Week, by Elizabeth Dwoskin, October 10, 2012

Huawei could trigger a major crisis Fortune, By Verne Kopytoff, October 10, 2012

Dartmouth’s D’Aveni: China Will Stimulate Its Way Out of Slowdown Money News, by Michelle Smith, Oct. 9 2012

Why China’s ‘Hard Landing’ Fears Are Overblown CNBC, by Aaron Task, Oct. 8, 2012

Don’t Count Out China: ‘Hard-Landing’ Fears Overblown, Tuck’s D’Aveni Says Yahoo! Daily Ticker, By Aaron Task, Oct 8, 2012

Bold plan needed to revive American industry Dayton Daily News, by Steve Bennish, Oct. 5, 2012

US election: How can politicians bring back jobs from China? PRI's The World, by Jason Margolis, Sept. 27, 2012

US election: How can politicians bring back jobs from China? BBC News, Jason Margolis, September 27, 2012

The Case for Getting Much Tougher on China US News, by Rick Newman, Sept. 21, 2012

Fed Has Opened the Door for China to Push Its Agenda American Banker, Richard A. D’Aveni, Sept. 20, 2012

Can Politicians Help Bring Jobs Back From China? PRI's The World, by Jason Margolis, Sept. 20, 2012

A management guru sounds a Chinese alarm Fortune/CNN Money, by Anne VanderMey, Sept. 17, 2012

Report: America Lost 2.7 Million Jobs to China in 10 Years U.S. News & World Report, by Danielle Kurtzleben, August 24, 2012

World’s Top 50 Business Thinkers for 2011 Thinkers 50, 2011 Results

Fashion’s Pricing Power Taking a Hit Women's Wear Daily, by Valerie Seckler, March 3, 2010

Avoiding the “Commodity Trap”: How Apple Stays Ahead of the Competition Yahoo! Finance Tech Ticker, by Peter Gorenstein,Jan 29, 2010

There’s got to be a better way! Infomercial advice The Seattle Times, by Erin Conroy, Jan. 19, 2010

Playing it cool with a hot commodity The Los Angeles Times, by David Grant, Jan. 18, 2010

Can Google Afford to Leave China? The Christian Science Monitor, by David Grant, Jan. 13, 2010

U.S. harmed by ‘commoditization’ The Dartmouth, Lindsay Brewer, Jan. 8, 2010

Price Wars, Decades Best and Worst Industries Seattle Times, Erin Conroy, Jan. 5, 2010

Costco-Coke Spat Highlights Retailers’ Strength NPR, by Wendy Kaufman, Dec. 14, 2009

Worlds Most Influential Management Gurus Forbes by Klaus Kneale, Oct. 14, 2009

Time to get your strategy right Financial Times of London, by Stefan Stern, July 21, 2009

Podcast Interviews

Click on the following links to listen to a few selected interviews.

Listen to an interview by, by Chris Gondek from Heron & Crane Podcasting Services about "Beating the Commodity Trap".

Listen to an interview by Paul McLoughlin from McLoughlin At Work about "Beating the Commodity Trap".

Listen to an interview by Jason Sanders from Global Consulting Forum about "Beating the Commodity Trap".

Professor D’Aveni has been quoted and written about in hundreds of Newspapers and magazines around the world.

Some of these publications include:

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  • Business Week
  • Fortune
  • Newsweek
  • Forbes
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • The Financial Times of London
  • The LA Times
  • The New York Times
  • The Times (of London)
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Time Magazine
  • Times of India
  • Washington Post

Professor D’Aveni has also appeared on numerous radio, television, and internet programs, including:

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  • Bloomberg TV
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  • CNBC
  • Fox Business
  • National Business Radio Network
  • National Public Radio
  • Yahoo! Finance Tech Ticker

Business Articles
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  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Quarterly
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