Richard A. D'Aveni, Professor of Strategic Management

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Tone setting

A keynote speaker sets the tone, energizes the audience, and contributes to the success of an event. As one of the 50 most influential living management thinkers in the world, Richard D'Aveni is an inspiring and informative keynote speaker who can motivate and captivate an audience.

The strategy pay-off

Many keynote speakers describe the world without providing their own prescriptions for what to do next. Richard D’Aveni provides powerful insights and tools which inform and guide the future strategies of all in the audience. 

Strategic Capitalism

Richard D’Aveni’s unique perspective is built on decades of research. He has spoken in large scale conferences designed for members of the European Parliament as well as policy makers and business leaders throughout the world. The concept of strategic capitalism and the arguments in his latest book resonate with leaders in government and business.

The real deal

Knowing why and where your company or nation is positioned for strategic success is fundamental – for any business, any government, any where. Richard D’Aveni’s keynotes put a spotlight on your own competitive positioning and provide nitty-gritty insights on potential strategies. He talks about using aggressive market disruption and judo techniques to win against competitors; using temporary competitive advantages to re-invent your strategy; using counter-revolutionary strategies to buy time against those who have seized the initiative (for now); and mapping and redirecting competitive pressure to mold the competition.

Beating commoditization

Top of the boardroom and industrial policy agenda in many corporations and countries is how to beat commoditization. Richard D’Aveni describes compelling tools to diagnose your competitive position and how to destroy the commoditization trap confronting you, escape it, or even turn it to your advantage.

Thought provoking

Richard D’Aveni’s research and thinking sets the strategic agenda for governments, corporations and individual leaders throughout the world. He has won numerous awards, most notably the prestigious ATKearney Award for his research. He has also been a keynote speaker at the Conference Board’s CEO Forum, The World Economic Forum, Young President’s Organization, Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, CIO Forum, and Management Center Europe, as well as professional societies and corporate events worldwide. In all these venues, D'Aveni always gives his audience a new way to see the world. That's just one reason why the Thinkers50 named him as one of the top management and strategy thinkers in the world.

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