Richard A. D'Aveni, Professor of Strategic Management

Proven Experience

Professor D' Aveni is a consultant, CEO coach, informal interim or surrogate CEO, strategic advisor, and off-site strategic decision process facilitator for multi-billion dollar companies in the USA and Europe at the divisional and CEO-level. He also works with senior government officials around the world to apply his unique brand of strategy to government policy making, including using his principles of hypercompetition to influence the balance of power between nations, militarily and economically.

In his latest activities, he is speaking to and advising senior secretary level officials in the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Treasury Department.

His clients have included: Aetna, AGFA, American Tire Distributors, Anheuser-Busch, Bayer AG, BJ's Wholesale Club, Cargill, Salomon Smith Barney, Corning, Delphi, Dun & Bradstreet, Fininvest Italia, GM, GE, Instinet (Reuters), Intel, Merrill Lynch, Motorola, Pepsico, Philips Electronics, Schering Plough, and Underwriters Laboratories. He has recently worked with the CEO of a $8 Billion firm to help him clarify his vision, reposition the company against fierce competitors, restructure his organization to be more customer-centric, and redesign his top management team, resulting in taking market share from rivals and a 178% increase in stock price in less than a year. He is currently working with the CEO of a very large multibillion dollar global beverage business to help create a vision for the future, and to facilitate top team discussions on global and competitive strategy.

In the past, Professor D’Aveni has:

  • Vision Setting: acted to provide strategic direction to a multibillion dollar division of a major American company during a one year period while a divisional CEO was being replaced, resulting in a major and permanent victory over the firm's nemesis
  • NPD Review Process: reviewed the new product development process for a Fortune 10 company and recommended changes to increase its risk taking and innovativeness in the marketplace that resulted in the firm creating a new product Czar and a major change in the old process that improved innovativeness
  • Management Services: acted as surrogate CEO, devising and implementing an industry roll-up that took a business from $157 million to $1.2 Billion in 2.5 years and improved margins four fold
  • Training: trained strategic planners in four divisions of a multi-billion firms on the tools and frameworks from his books to help them analyze the competition and find new ways to re-invent their strategy
  • Culture Change Programs: delivered executive education programs and keynote speeches to senior managers and top teams on his concepts from Hypercompetition and Strategic Supremacy, as part of culture change efforts designed to stimulate new thinking, more pro-activity and boldness within organizations fearing complacency
  • Operational Re-Engineering: worked as part of the team running GE's Workout process to facilitate a major shift in the organization's culture that resulted in major improvements in speed, innovativeness, boldness and costs
  • Devil's Advocate: provided stimulus for rethinking the strategy of a leading brokerage firm by being a keynote speaker at a top team meeting and then following up with small group meetings chaired by the CEO, CFO and COO, leading to a major shift in strategic to cope with new rivals and new distribution channels
  • Consulting Tool Development: developed unique, proprietary tools and analysis methods for license and resale by several training and consulting firms, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in new product and service business for his clients
  • Industrial Policy: Helped a nation envision its economic sphere of influence and how to improve it

Professor D’Aveni has also worked with several billionaire families throughout the world and numerous Fortune 500 CEOs as their strategy advisor and private sounding board, offering advice on competitive and global strategy, change management, top management team issues, board and investor relations, as well as helping them create their vision, management style, top team, and strategy.

Research Awards

  • Academy of Management Hall of Fame
  • SMS McKinsey Award Nomination
  • 20 Most Important Strategy Books of all times
  • Seven Most Influential Strategic Theorists
  • Top 5 Management Thinkers of the Future
  • ATKearney Award
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